F A C E  T R E A T M E N T S

Basic facial Cleaning (Delicate skin) 60′ | 65€

Deep facial Cleaning (Mature skin) 60’ | 75€
Before any treatment it is recommended to perform a facial cleansing to remove all impurities and
allow the skin to receive and assimilate all the properties of the following treatments

Olosage Treatment Pro-age lift (Anti-pollution) 50′ | 70€
A treatment that counteracts the aging process of the skin by acting on the reduction of wrinkles and
on the lifting effect to give the face a new youth

Treatment Olosage Glyco&Acids 50′ | 80€
Treatment that helps to renew the facial skin tissue making it brighter and smoother gives a compact
radiant and vital effect, like regenerated from the inside

Hydra – Refreshing Treatment 50′ | 70€
Suitable for all skin types, the hydra-refreshing treatment brings hydration to the skin, making it
deeply hydrated, vital, protected. Bright and compact in appearance

Treatment Glyco Program 50’ | 75€
A treatment suitable for tired and asphyxiated skin that through the action of glycolic acid is able to
remove devitalized cells from the skin surface restoring radiance and freshness to the complexion.

Soothing Treatment 50’ | 65€
A moisturizing, emollient and decongestant Treatment suitable for delicate skin, for a compact and
renewed luminous face.

Customized Treatment 25′ 50€

B O D Y  T R E A T M E N T

Flavored Scrub 25’ | 40€
Gentle exfoliation of the skin to eliminate dead cells, renew the skin and moisturize it.

Chocolate Treatment 50’ | 80€
Relaxing / Slimming / Antioxidant

Orange and Cinnamon Treatment 50’ | 70€
Cellulite / Reactivating / Warming

Thalassotherapy Detox Treatment 50’ | 70€
Slimming / Detox / Remineralizing

Shea Butter wrapping 50’ | 70€
Nourishing / Revitalizing

Goat milk treatment 50’ | 70€
Nourishing / Soothing

Argilloteraphy 50’ | 70€
Slimming / Detox / Draining

Treatment Mask&Wash 50’ | 65€
Nourishing / draining

Ritual Hammam Marrakech 120’ 90€
Exfoliating / Nourishing / Smoothing

Silk skin treatment 40’ | 65€

Treatment G.A.G. 50’ | 75€
Shaping / Toning / Draining

Moroccan Ritual Herbs FAGOTTINI 50’ | 80€
Indonesia Ritual with Herbal FAGOTTINI
A ritual that gives a profound well-being to the body and mind, suitable for detoxifying, relaxing and relaxing the

Ritual Candle Brush 50’ | 80€
A renewing ritual performed with brushes, exfoliates and softens the skin, improves circulation, helps lymphatic drainage,
reduces cellulite afterwards an enveloping and nourishing massage with the candle


Classic Massage 25’ | 45€
The classic massage removes tension and softens the muscles

Relaxing Massage 50’ | 70€
Slow and rhythmic movements with light pressures reduce stress and offer deep relaxation

Aromatherapy Massage 50’ | 70€
A beneficial and relaxing massage with essential oils of your choice, for a deep relaxation

Draining Massage 50’ | 75€
A special technique with very light pressures activates the lymphatic and venous system. For heavy
legs and water accumulations

Sports Massage 50’ | 75€

Plantar reflexology 50’ | 80€
Feet are the mirror of our body. Special points on the sole of the foot reactivate and relax our organs

Hot-Stone Massage 60’ | 80€
The massage with balsamic stones, warms and deeply relaxes the muscles, eliminates various pain
tensions. The metabolism circulation is reactivated.

Candle Massage 50’ | 80€
Relaxing massage, a candle scented with oils and vegetable butters that slowly melt and slide over
the body in a sweet whirl of fragrances that cloud the senses.

Face Massage 25’ | 45€
Massage to relax, reactivate and stimulate the skin tissue.

B E A U T Y  S E R V I C E

Nail Polish Change 15’ | 10€
Manicure 50’ | 25€
Pedicure 50’ | 30€
Whole leg epilation 50’ | 30€
Epilation half leg / arms 50’ | 30€
Groin epilation 25’ | 15€
Armpit epilation 15’ | 10€
Face Epilations 10’ | 8€
Male epilation of the back / chest 30’ | 35€

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