Bella Hotel & Restaurant is looking forward to pampering its guests with local and international specialities prepared by the Chef in the  exclusive Bella Restaurant with a lakeshore terrace featuring a view across the Bay of Salò.

And, how about closing the night in the calm and serene atmosphere of our bar?



Raw fish and shellfish    38

Scallops au gratin    18

Fried fillets of golden perch from Garda    16

Milanese-style porcini muschrooms    16

Parmigiano Reggiano flan, black truffle and balsamic vinegar    16

Goose liver terrine, toasted brioche bread, red fruit coulis and caramelized onio    20



Egg Tagliatini “Tenute Biondo” with king crab meat    25

Spaghetti dell’Orcia “Tenute Biondo” garlic, oil, chili pepper with mussels, clams, razor clams and confit tomatoes    20

Linguine “Tenute Biondo” with Garda whitefish, pine nuts, raisins, wild fennel and crunchy bread crumbs    20

Egg Tagliatelle “Tenute Biondo” with porcini mushrooms    20

Rigatoni “Tenute Biondo” with wild boar ragout, stewed leek and pecorino Pienza cheese    20

Acquerello Risotto with pumpkin, amaretti crumble, Amarone reduction and iced sage    20


Fried squid, red prawns and vegetables julienne    25

Mixed grilled fish and shellfish    38

Arctic char, chickpeas, edamame, trout roe and yuzu    25

Cod fillet cooked at low temperature, Storo polenta, sweet and sour shallots and thyme    25

Fassona from Piemonte beef fillet and porcini mushrooms    30

Garronese veneta grilled flank, toasted spring onion and criolla sauce    25


With reservation it is possible to order (minimum for 2 people):
Sea bass from Orbetello with salt    35
Fiorentina di Scottona da 1200g.    35
Chateaurbriand with Bernese sauce    35


Tiramisù - gluten free -    8

Bavarese with three chocolates    9
Gluten-free biscuit, white, milk and dark chocolate mousse

Panna cotta – Vegan, lactose free    7
Served with berries sauce or chocolate sauce

Cheesecake cooked with warm berries    9

Dark    9
Praline, creamy chocolate and dark chocolate biscuit

Lemon Pie    9
Almond shortcrust pastry, lemon cream and Italian meringue

Ice cream    6
Vanilla | Chocolate | Pistachio | Strawberry | Lemon

Sorbet    6
Lemon | Green apple and Calvados | Strawberry | Pistachio

Berries    8

from 12am till 2pm
from 7pm till 9.30pm

Info & Reservation 0365.626090




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